An easy workflow for model building

3Di supports the modeler with an easy workflow for model building. Start with creating a schematisation of your water system in the Modeler Interface. Run simulations online in the cloud. Process results to create extra insights such as flood hazard ratings, damage estimates, and arrival times. Analyze simulations on- or offline.



  1. Build a GIS schematisation of your water system
  2. Run simulations in the cloud
  3. Create extra insights
  4. Analyze on- or offline

Preventing, mitigating and managing floods is team work

3Di offers online, interactive simulations. It is designed for emergency response teams to gain a common understanding of a flood event and to try out measures to prevent and mitigate the impact of a flood.

All the features you need for hydrodynamic simulations

Fast & scientifically sound

We care a lot about the math and physics at the heart of 3Di’s hydrodynamic simulations. The computational core is carefully designed to create an optimal balance between accuracy, robustness, and speed.

Interactive modelling

Interact with the simulation as a team. Investigate and discuss the impact of prevention and mitigation measures such as placing flood barriers, using retention basins, adjusting pump capacities or placing emergency pumps, closing pipes and orifices, or changing weir crest levels.

Open API for integration

Our Open API is the most extensive API on hydrodynamic simulations in the industry. All features of 3Di are available in our API and can be integrated with your application.

Fields of application

3Di is able to simulate all processes in the hydrological cycle allowing the modeler to use 3Di in a wide range of applications

Use cases

4.310.450 simulated hours
147.985 simulatons run
35 countries in which 3Di is used

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