Håb til Håb, DK

  • Region: Hedensted kommune, Denmark
  • Model goal: researching scenario’s and interactive workshops
  • Model concepts: 2D runoff and inundation, 1D channels and structures, tidal waves

The Håb til Håb area is a coastal region with both hills and flat plains which situated around or below sealevel. The
watershed is approximately 15km by 15 km and has an elevation between -2.50 and 110 mMSL. A model is set up in
order to investigate a combination of heavy rainfall and the corresponding runoff, combined with different tidal
waves preventing outflow of the rivers into the sea.
The model was used in order to research different scenario’s and simulate extreme weather conditions. Because
the model is interactive, it was used during workshops where multiple stakeholders were able to see what is
happening during such an extreme event. Also, it is possible to intervene in the simulation by controlling structures,
immediately visualizing effects of certain measures.


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