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In-house training program

To help you become proficient with 3Di we offer an in-house training program. This training program is relevant for decision-makers as well as experts working in the fields of hydrology, calamity management, engineering, agriculture, remote sensing, spatial planning and risk analysis.

The training program is tailored to cover all the basic modeling concepts using a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. Basic prior knowledge on hydrology, modelling and GIS experience is recommended. Upon completion of the program, you will receive the 3Di certificate. The program is offered in both English and Dutch, depending on the participants.

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UTRECHT - Sfeerbeeld Nelen & Schuurmans.

Online instructor-led course

Learn to model floods in 2D with our online instructor-led course. This program is tailored to the needs of hydrologists and modelers and is a great first start to working with 3Di. Guided by our experienced instructors you will learn how subgrid works, and how to use it to your advantage when simulating floods in 2D.

The training program covers all the basic modeling concepts using a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. It consists of two half days and includes a three week license, as well as homework exercises which you can use to practice. Basic prior knowledge on hydrology, modeling and GIS is recommended. Find out more.

Unlock Automation using the API

Learn how to use the 3Di API, unlocking the full potential of 3Di accessible via scripting.

3Di is built completely API based. This means that if you can use it in one of our interfaces you can script it. In this training you’ll learn how to use the API, write basic scripts to start simulations, follow them, download results and analyse them. All fully automated.

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Using 3Di in sloping areas

Learn how to use 3Di in sloping areas. The subgrid methodology that 3Di uses has the underlying assumption that water levels are gradual. This works well for relatively flat areas, rivers and estuaria. But for hilly areas the assumption changes, the assumption there is roughly that the water level is parallel to the slope approach.

In this training you’ll learn to understand this underlying principle, rules of thumb to use in hilly areas and what to do to ensure a smooth and fast computation of water flows.

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Groundwater in 3Di

Learn how to use the ground water module in 3Di. With the ground water module in 3Di it is possible to compute groundwater flooding as a result of heavy rainfall events. It connects to the 2D, but it is also possible to connect 1D and 2D making it possible to enhance sewerage models with groundwater interactions.

In this training you’ll learn the theoretical background of ground water in 3Di, rules of thumb, expand an existing 3Di module with a ground water component. It is possible to bring your own model to the course. If you don’t have local data available we’ll be using a course example.

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1D edits using SQL

Learn how to edit your 1D schematisation using SQL. 3Di offers a smooth 1D editing experience using the Modeller Interface. But there are occasions where you’d like to bulk edit you schematisation. This you can do in QGIS, but for more tech-savvy modellers SQL is a good approach.

Thanks to the fully open GIS setup the underlying database and schema are fully described exposing it for use in SQL. In this training you’ll learn practical examples on how to batch edit your schematisations with the help of SQL. Knowledge of SQL on beforehand is recommended.

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Validating and Calibrating

Learn how to validate your results and how to calibrate your model.
With the combination of Lizard this training dives into the validation of model results. Based on real measurements we’ll be constructing an historic event.

In this training you’ll learn how to validate your model using the 3Di Interfaces in combination with jupyter notebooks. When validation is complete we’ll be calibrating the model.

Knowledge of python on beforehand is strongly recommended

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Custom Training

Do you have special requests for a training which are not on the list? Don’t hesitate to contact us. If there are enough participants we can create a custom training tailored to your needs.

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