3Di is a cloud-based hydrodynamic software. Simulations are run in the cloud.

The basic license is a good start for working with 3Di. On top of the basic license we offer several modules.

Basic license

  • Unlimited number of users
  • 250 calculation hours
  • Access to the Modeller Interface tools
  • Access to the computational core incl. all processes (groundwater, overland flow, sewerage flow)

The license model for 3Di is a bit different than traditional hydrodynamic flood simulation models. Since we offer a solution with a well integrated solver for all domains, we decided to offer this solution to every user.

Note that for building models on your laptop, or analyzing results using the Modeller Interface no license is required.


Basic License (required) Unlimited number of users

250 calculation hours on the server

€ 4.450
Unlimited License Same as basic but with unlimited calculation hours € 10.450


Model Databank For storing schematisations, models and simulation templates See below
3Di API For developing custom tools or integration in third party software € 3.650
3Di Live Simulate interactively in the browser € 5.995
Rainfall Radar Feed Access to the Rainfall Radar feed, or Forecast to use as input for simulations € 1.500
Scenario Datawarehouse Long term storage of simulation results & automated post processing € 6.095


Model Databank

1-5 models 2.450
6-15 models 5.995
16-30 models 11.895
31-60 models 17.750
61-120 models 23.695
121-250 models 36.750


Example prices

A license consists of a basic license plus any of the modules. It is up to you to decide what modules you need. Here a few examples of what a license can look like. Need help selecting modules? Contact us via the form on the website.

Example price for a small consultancy firm

Basic licence € 4.450
Model databank (5 models) € 2.450
Total € 6.900


Example price for a government authority

Unlimited licence € 10.450
Model databank (5 models) € 2.450
3Di Live € 5.995
Total € 18.895

Other licenses

Academic license


The 3Di academic license gives you access to all modules of 3Di. It is meant for PhD and postdoc students. Check this page for the conditions and how to apply.

Education license

€ 5.995

This includes a 3Di license with one month the option of up to 5 simultaneous sessions so students can work together in groups. Includes post processing, rainfall radar feed, scenario data warehouse, unlimited calculation hours.

3Di Live

A 3Di Live license exclusively gives access to the 3Di Live site including all its features.

1 model € 3.050
5 models € 5.995
10 models € 8.895

With this license it is not possible to adjust the models.

All pricing on this page is in EUR/year. Mentioned prices are valid for the year 2024. No rights can be derived from the contents of this page.

Ready to start?

Are you interested in how 3Di works and how you can use it? Please use this form to request a demonstration. We will contact you to give an online demonstration and will answer all your questions.