To help you become proficient with 3Di we offer an in-house training program. This training program is relevant for decision-makers as well as experts working in the fields of hydrology, calamity management, engineering, agriculture, remote sensing, spatial planning and risk analysis.

The training program is tailored to cover all the basic modeling concepts using a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. Basic prior knowledge on hydrology, modelling and GIS experience is recommended. Upon completion of the program, you will receive the 3Di certificate. The program is offered in both English and Dutch, depending on the participants.

Quotes from participants

“I liked the variation in theory and practical application of the program. Without the theory you wouldn’t understand what you are doing, but without the excercises you won’t learn to work with the program”

“I like the depth at which the training program explained the platform and model development process. It was not a superficial level course – I felt like I learned with a true understanding of how to work efficiently as a 3Di modeler.”


Training program

Length: 3 days
Costs: €1.950,-

After completing the program you:

  • can run simulations using the 3Di Livesite
  • know the theory behind the various basic modeling concepts in 3Di
  • understand how 3Di calculates 1D-flow, 2D-flow, and the interaction between 2D and 1D-flow
  • can perform in-depth analyses on model results
  • can build simple 3Di models from scratch
  • can edit existing 3Di models
  • know about model design choices and how to apply the proper one for your specific study
  • can use the Modeler Interface (QGIS) to build, edit, run 3Di-models, and analyze the results
  • know about revisioning and managing schematisations and models


There are various options to follow our training program. We host a training program every 3 months in our office in Utrecht. The dates for 2024 are:

  • May 27/28, July 1
  • September 23, October 7
  • November 11/12, December 9

We offer the training also in-house, either performed by us or a local partner. Contact us if you like to use this option.

For in-house training on location it is possible to focus on specific demands for learning and include advanced modules.

Advanced module

We also offer tailor-made advanced course modules where you can learn about specific advanced topics like

  • advanced 3Di model building
  • breaches
  • structure controls
  • optimizing calculation speed
  • using 3Di in sloping areas
  • using python to run, download and analyze results
  • using groundwater
  • using the API
  • and more

If you are interested in our advanced module, or in only a specific part of the training program please contact us.

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