Investigate functioning of the sewerage system municipality of Papendrecht

The municipality of Papendrecht wants to have insight in the functioning of the complete (waste)watersystem to efficiently cope with policy and climate adaptation challenges. The service area is located in a polder and contains a lot of surface water. An added challenge is that the sewerage system and the surface water system have a lot of interaction.

The challenge

This in-depth model study looks at the functioning of the interaction of the (waste) water system in and around Papendrecht. The Municipality of Papendrecht and the Rivierenland Water Board are working together and see it as a great opportunity to show internally and within the A5H cooperation region what cooperation can yield. Knowing each other and mutual trust is necessary in a joint approach to climate challenges. This is also the reason why the Delta Program bears part of the costs.

Our solution

In a work session, thirteen participants from the municipality, the water board, Nelen & Schuurmans and Rioplus  exchanged data, knowledge and experience in order to arrive at the right starting points for the integrated model. In this integrated hydrodynamic 3Di model  the discharge over ground level and via the sewerage system and the surface water system is included. This will make a calculation model available for exploring measures and climate-proof design.

The result

The functioning of the drainage and surface water system is summarized in a QGIS report. Policymakers within the municipality have access to all information and insights from the project here. This gives substance to the climate adaptation and policy tasks

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