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3Di Live – A New Proposition for Municipalities

Good news for municipalities, 3Di is launching a new entry-level subscription: 3Di Live. 3Di live allows municipalities to easily assess the effect of heavy rain, test different preventive solutions and start a dialog with stakeholders. Watch the video below to see the possibilities within 3Di live.


Easy to use

3Di Live utilizes the user-friendly 3Di web portal to simulate different scenarios. It’s very easy, just choose a rain event and press play to start simulating. Zoom in to view the sewer system and see the discharge and flow velocity. Within the live site users can test the effect of different measures. Close a pipe, make changes to a sewer overflow or make changes to the terrain model.


3Di simulates fast and accurately while you are directly seeing the results on a map. Accuracy is key to trusting the outcomes of models and the decisions that will be taken based on this information. Therefore, it’s a must to take all hydrodynamic processes into account.


During the simulation you will see where, when and how much water will be on the surface. This provides insight into the vulnerable locations and uncovers possible solutions. Also, it’s possible to view what is happening in the sewer system.

Getting Started

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If you don’t have an existing model we will even provide you with a detailed model.

A 3Di Live Subscription starts at €2.500 per annum. Dutch municipalities can also connect to the national rain radar data.

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