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Experience the power of 3Di with our latest offering: 3Di Global! Designed for engineering and consultancy firms, urban design and government organisations. Discover the capabilities of our software by working in our interactive live site, tailored to your region of interest.

3Di is a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic modelling software that empowers hydrologists, modellers, decision makers, and stakeholders to simulate and effectively manage flood scenarios. All simulations are run in the cloud and made visible on the visual interface of the 3Di live site. This enables you to adjust your flood model real-time during simulations, modify hydrodynamic conditions, and evaluate outcomes. For example, you can accurately identify flood-prone areas, optioneer possible locations of protective barriers or nature-based solutions.

During the free trial period of one month, you will have exclusive access to a hydrodynamic model specific to your region of interest. Utilize the 3Di live site to run simulations, make model alterations for customized results, and delve into the possibilities of 3Di hydrodynamic modelling!

Interested in continuing beyond the free trial period or directly requesting a license for full access? Contact 3Di Global for more information or a demonstration.

Documentation about the 3Di live site can be found here.

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Discover areas at risk of flooding in any catchment in the world. Create an interactive 2D model for your region of interest.


Analyse water depths, river discharges and flow velocities or monitor water levels with cross-sections.


Interact with your 2D model by adding precipitation, placing flood barriers or using retention basins. Investigate and discuss the impact of prevention and mitigation measures with your team.

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