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Operational Water Management

Water management is more and more based on having the right information on time and taking action on it. The field of operation water management focuses on retrieving data from sensors, combining it and creating it into useful information. 3Di offers great opportunities as an operational service. Since it is fast, simulation can be done over and over, each time with the latest data. This make 3Di suitable for high demanding systems to predict water floods.


Connect to real-time data

3Di can connect to many real-time data out of the box, like water depth information and rain radar. Since the application has a Programming Interface (API) it can literally connect to each operational data feed.

Predict & Alarm

Predicting a flood is essential for saving lives and limiting damages. 3Di is able to run continuously and give the best-detailed prediction using real-time forecast weather data and a highly detailed model. Depending on the nature and goal of the 3Di-model, it can produce every 5, 10 or 15 minutes a result. The outcomes of the simulation can be used for alarming if a simulated water depth is greater than the trigger value. It subsequently sends out warning messages both via email and SMS messages to a recipient group. The receiver gets vital information about the forecast and is urged to evaluate the situation.