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The destructive power of water becomes visible all too often. Major floods make the news on a weekly, if not daily basis. Effects of climate change often increase flood risk. Examples include more frequent and intense storm surges, extreme rainfall, changes in groundwater levels and soil subsidence. Meanwhile, the global population is ever increasing. The urbanization trend continues and many of the world’s largest cities are situated in vulnerable delta regions. These facts emphasize the need for accurate, interactive and fast flood modelling instruments. 3Di provides the solution to simulate pluvial, fluvial and coastal floods. Thereby contributing to better (urban) planning, investment decisions, mitigation and adaptation strategies, fairer societies and more effective action in crisis management situations.


Flood Scenario’s

3Di models are applicable to all sort of flood scenario’s: coastal (storm surge) floods, fluvial (river) floods and pluvial (rainfall) floods. Take advantage of the availability of detailed datasets without compromising on computation time.

  • Make use of high-resolution DEM, infiltration, friction and bathymetry data
  • Create your optimal model schematisation using 0D, 1D and 2D element in any configuration
  • Combine both hydrodynamic and rainfall runoff processes
  • Integral models for fluvial and pluvial floods for urban and rural environments
  • Calculation grid with local refinements
  • Fast cloud-based simulations with user interaction during computations
  • Perform batch calculations using the 3Di API
  • Keep your model up-to-date with the latest data

Flood Impact Analysis

After the hydrodynamic simulation results can be stored and post-processed for flood impact analysis. 3Di has automated post-processing functionalities to generate arrival times and estimate damages. Relevant for governments, crisis organisations, insurance providers and large real estate investors.

  • Perform risk assessments on infrastructure, utility networks, households and industrial estates.
  • Create damages estimations
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis
  • Make informed investment decisions


Crisis Management

Crisis Managers need to be prepared for the unexpected and need to have the right instruments when calamities occur. Using 3Di experts and decision-makers can simulate levee breaches, storm surges and extreme rain events. Users can create different scenario’s, interact with the hydrodynamic models and test flood mitigation measures on the spot for their effectiveness.

  • Identify flood hazards
  • Forecast flood locations, water depth, flow velocity and arrival times
  • Identify routes available for normal and emergy vehicles at different points in time
  • Support effective and timely (C3) decision-making

3Di has participated in the DriverPlus trial 1 and has been selected to take part in trial 3. 

Flood Early Warning

Excessive rain during short periods of time can cause flash floods which can be extremely dangerous. Monitoring systems can help to predict floods in an early stage. With 3Di it is possible to run a model live. The actual rainfall and situation of the water system is input for a 3Di model. As 3Di is fast and accurate it can be used in a flood early warning system to predict floods.

  • Warn before a (flash) flood strikes
  • Safe lives, advice on evacuation and minimize damages
  • Use rain radar data and real-time data on the water system as input for model simulations
  • Create and customize dashboards
  • Warn 24/7 via email and sms

Predictive modelling for Real-time Control

Optimizing water management is a never-ending challenge. Variables to account for are plentiful and the threat of human error is not to be underestimated. Use predictive 3Di models to build (semi) automated systems to manage and maintain optimal water levels and optimize the system to make use of sustainable energy.

  • Simulate rainfall run-off for any area
  • Build decision support systems or automate fully
  • Use the 3Di API
  • Connect to Delft-FEWS

Plan with Flood Risk in Mind

Spatial planners have a wide variety of factors to take into account, water management is just one of them. However, with compact cities and more extreme weather conditions designing with water becomes progressively more import. Whether developing on a greenfield site or in redevelopment it often pays-off to take an overall as well as detailed look at the water system. Regardless of the stage in the planning process, 3Di provides an instrument when looking to create territorial cohesion, making resilient urban plans and performing ‘stress tests’.

  • Create a better understanding and foster communication with interactive simulations
  • Utilize opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Create territorial cohesion
  • Find and solve bottlenecks in the sewer system and retention basins
  • Test designs on the spot under extreme conditions