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Climate Resilience

Meteorologists predict more extreme weather conditions. Extreme heat, long lasting droughts, heavier storms and changes in the distribution of rain frequency as well as intensity require us to come up with integrated, robust and flexible adaptation strategies. With many of the world’s major cities situated in delta regions, risks are exponentially increasing and policymakers need resourceful instruments to increase climate resiliency for chronic stresses and acute shocks. The combination of complex challenges calls for integrated solutions. Concepts such as building with nature, smart and healthy cities, sponge cities and resiliency demonstrate a new movement in how we build, manage and interact as societies with our environment.

3Di offers solutions to tackle hydrodynamic challenges. Fast and accurate simulations allow users to quantify a wide variety of impacts in their region. 3Di is the instrument for creating flood hazard maps, inundation maps, flood damage estimations. In addition look into cascade effects, support spatial planner or implement a flood early warning system using 3Di.

Trusted and used by major cities, semi-government organisations, engineering- and insurance firms.

Integral modelling

3Di models are applicable for all sort of flood risks, pluvial or fluvial in urban and rural environments. The dynamic interaction between street flow and sewer flow, overland flow and channel flow are taken into account. A complete integral model of the system provides clear insight and allows you to design the most cost effective solutions.

Quantify the impact of climate change

In many places around the world, cities are considering ways to combat flooding in the face of climate change. Urban development has made flooding worse, and has turned neighborhoods into vulnerable waterfront locations. 3Di helps you to quantifies the impact of new green spaces, which naturally help absorb water.

3Di supports spatial planning

Landscape architects and city designers use 3Di to see how new designs reduces the flood risks i in the cities. 3Di models can be applied on a single block, neighborhood or entire city. It shows in detail how water flows, where water will heap up and were it will infiltrate. Combined with interactive modelling, the impact of new green areas is demonstrated on the spot.

Climate resilience design

The 3Di simulation software is ideal for climate resilience design. It contains a large library of rainfall events and can even calculate with the actual rainfall. The map shows the water depth for a chosen rainfall event to see where possible water can remain in (extreme) precipitation. This also takes the rainfall run-off, infiltration processes and the sewer system into account.

Flood prediction

Excessive rain during short periods of time can cause flash floods which can be dangerous. Monitoring systems can help to predict floods in an early stage. With 3Di it is possible to run a model live. The actual rainfall and situation of the water system is the input for the model. Since 3Di is fast and accurate it can be used in a monitoring system to predict floods. The city of Parramatta in Australia already uses 3Di for online monitoring and prediction of floods.

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