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Climate Resilience

Meteorologists predict more extreme weather conditions. Extreme heat; long-lasting droughts; heavier storms and changes in the distribution of rain frequency, as well as intensity, require coming up with integrated, robust and flexible adaptation strategies. With 3Di you will be able to tackle hydrodynamic challenges.

  • Simulate area’s fast and accurately on a touch-table
  • Quantify impacts
  • Work together on adaptation strategies

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  • Model flood scenario’s: fast, accurate & visual
  • Post-process for flood impact analysis
  • Plan with flood risk in mind

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Surface water is fully coupled to and interacts with groundwater. Information about the soil is often not very detailed and can be inaccurate. Hence, in 3Di we simplify processes.

  • Include groundwater when simulating effects of heavy precipitation and inundation
  • Horton based infiltration
  • Dupuit assumption
  • Define a bottom boundary condition for the subsurface domain.

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Operational Water Management

  • Connect 3Di to real-time data
  • Predict and alarm

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Urban water

  • Analyze the water system in urban area’s
  • Test and optimize the sewer system
  • Use hydrodynamic simulations in planning and (re)design

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