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3Di Symposium on Climate Adaptation

Looking back on the event

This year the 3Di event revolved around one central theme: climate adaptation. Climate adaptation implies preparing for the effect of climate change, more extreme weather patterns in the form of extreme heat, drought and rainfall. It’s not just aimed to minimize risks, but also to take advantage of opportunities that arise.
Policymakers addressed concrete challenges we face today and what we can expect the coming years. Several speakers highlighted the efforts their organisations are making at present to be better prepared for extreme scenario’s in future.
In the afternoon participants were taking part in workshops. Topics included: using the new features in 3Di, labelling homes on pluvial flood risk, the do’s and don’t when having dialogues about risks, the resilience of infrastructure, flood early warning, the cooperation of spatial planners and water experts, use-cases for particle tracking and tracing, Stochastic analysis and how to drill down to the essence of model outputs.

Download presentations

All presentations of the 3Di event on climate adaptation can be downloaded here.

An impression of the day

We compiled a short video to give an impression of the event. Watch by clicking on the image below.

Hans Oosters, c
hairman of the Dutch Water Authorities addresses the crowd.

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