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11 Publications Related To 3Di

We have compiled a list of 11 articles that have been written on 3Di hydrodynamics simulations.  It is a mix of scientific publications and case studies. Most articles are in English some in Dutch. Topics covered include numerics, fundamentals of hydrology, flood disaster management, rainfall runoff, validating hydrodynamic models and climate resilient design.

English Articles on 3Di

Why are decisions in Flood Disaster Management so Poorly Supported by Information from Flood Models? 

Interactive use of Simulation Models

Next Generation Flood Modelling using 3Di: A Case Study in Taiwan

30 Years of Progress in Rainfall Runoff Modelling

Interactive Calamity Model Delfland

A Semi‐implicit Numerical Model for Urban Drainage Systems

A Finite Volume Approach for Shallow Water Flow Accounting for High-Resolution Bathymetry and Roughness Data


Dutch Articles on 3Di

Waterrobuuste Stroom

Validatie van Wateroverlastmodellen

Klimaatadaptatie: Ontwerpen tussen beleving en haalbaarheid

Klimaatbestendig Ontwerpen

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