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Fast simulations

There is always a balance between the spatial extension of a model and its level of detail. In 3Di this balance has made a major shift, as it allows for detailed models for large areas. The impact of extreme rainfall, river floods and storm surges can be analysed in a short period of time

Take an integral approach of the water system

Traditionally we have sewer models, channel models, river models, coastal floods models and groundwater models. In 3Di these separate models are combined into one integral model of the environment. All water processes are computed in one computational core, with guaranteed stability and performance.

Flexibility for modellers

3Di model schematisations are made of 0D, 1D and 2D elementary building blocks. In 3Di these building blocks can be combined in any spatial configuration. This gives the modeller maximum flexibility to build his own models.

Model locally, simulate in the cloud

3Di combines the best of both worlds. On your own computer, model schematisations can be made and analysed. Do the model set-up on your own computer then take advantage of the cloud for easy access and fast computations. Post processing and result analyses can be done both locally and in the cloud.

Interact with your model

In workshops and meetings, interactive live simulations can be made with your 3Di model. Make an impression by showing the impact of adjustments to the terrain elevation, make a dike breach or enlarge the pump capacity. No matter your role or level of expertise, 3Di helps you understand water management challenges on a touch-table and assists to get things done.

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How to work with 3Di

Flexibility for modellers


I want to perform my own calculations and register the 3Di license under the organisation I work for. Ideal if you have a background in GIS and hydrology. We provide online documentation and support as well as the opportunity to participate in a three day training program. Are you ready to take this step?

  • Full flexibility
  • Bring in your own expertise
  • Online documentation and support

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Find a Local Partner

I would like to work with 3Di and outsource the model building. Ideal if you seek expert advice whilst being in control of the process. You don’t need to know all the ins and outs about 3Di but benefit of all 3Di’s advanced capabilities. Looking for a helping hand?

  • Benefit from 3Di without worrying about technical details
  • Get help from an expert
  • Keep in control

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We are a full-service engineering firm that would like to make 3Di accessible to our clients base. We have model experts and would like to use 3Di’s advanced capabilities in our projects. Ready to discover the benefits of a partnership?

  • Generate your own business with 3Di
  • Use the most powerful hydrodynamic simulation software
  • Direct support from the 3Di product team

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