3Di Project Support

24 May 2022

Hydrological modelling with software that you are not yet familiar with can be quite the challenge, even for an experienced modeller. For this reason, 3Di Water Management offers a special form of assistance: 3Di Project Support. This helps you to efficiently build your first 3Di models, tailored to the specific needs of your project. As a water expert and modeller, you are used to apply your expertise to analyse water problems. However, translating this to the best choices for your 3Di schematisation, efficient input data preparation and results post-processing is difficult if you have little experience with 3Di. Therefore, you need courage and support to use 3Di for the first time in a project. 3Di Project Support takes care of the latter. 3Di Project Support will save you time in your project and make your first encounters with 3Di pleasant experiences. It consists of startup support, model review, and/or needs-based support.

Starting a 3Di project

The start of the project is the most important moment for making the right modelling decisions. Support in this phase is aimed at translating project objectives into a modelling strategy. The modelling strategy will be informed by a discussion on the role of the model in the overarching project objective, model performance requirements (calculation speed, accuracy, and visual attractiveness), ‘good enough’ criteria, relative importance of hydrodynamic processes. which model components to include, and data requirements and availability. The resulting modelling strategy defines how the initial model is set up and which layers of complexity are to be added to the initial model in what sequence. Depending on the size and scope of the project, Startup Support will typically require a couple of hours up to one day.

Model Review

Once you have built the model, a Model Review is a good tool to ensure an optimal schematization tailored to your project’s purposes. An experienced 3Di modeller will review the settings, 1D and 2D schematizations and model performance and give you feedback on the model in the form of concrete recommendations for enhancements. This will require the reviewer to have a comprehensive understanding of the project in which the model is made. If no Startup Support session has been conducted, a model review will start with an intake, where the same questions as described under Startup Support are discussed. Model Review can be done multiple times during the same project, for example each time a major deliverable is to be finished.

Need-based Support

During modelling, all sorts of questions on data handling or schematization choices may arise. With Need-based Support, an experienced 3Di modeller will be available to you during the project. He or she understands both the project you are working on and the model you are building. Needs-based Support can vary from a quick answer to a small question to data processing tasks and model analysis or optimization of your model.

Support Resources

3Di Project Support is complementary to other resources for support. Our courses will give you a good basis for understanding and working with 3Di. The online documentation is a helpful reference. The service desk assists in case of technical questions, bugs and system malfunctions. 3Di Project Support helps you link your knowledge of hydrology and the project specifics to modelling choices.


Are you interested in the possibilities for 3Di Project Support please contact us. We will schedule an intake to discuss your wishes.


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